Ludovic Carème is a photographer born in France. He lives today between Sao Paulo and Paris. Ludovic photographs celebrities and ordinary people.
In Sao Paulo, he begins a portrait work of women and men living in a temporary place “Agua branca”. Literally “white water”, a favela of Sao Paulo. The policy of the city is obvious: those insalubrious constructions raised above an open sewer has to disappear, and with its people, to be displaced and replaced by a road junction.
Houses one after an other are razed and it is lasting for more than two years.  In this threatened area where time is suspended, Ludovic Carème led his photographic work, day by day, house by house, before the troubled waters close up on Agua Branca.

His portraiture work is recognized and published as such as Libération, Le Monde, Elle, Vogue, The New York Times, The Guardian,  Republica delle donne…